You’ll Make a Big Dent in Your RDA for Potassium

Many of us don’t realize how important potassium is to the body because we don’t know exactly what it does. Potassium is actually one of the most important nutrients because it is used by every cell in the body to generate the electrical charge needed to function properly. Potassium also plays a role in keeping the heart rate stable, maintaining healthy blood pressure and triggering the release of insulin when needed to regulate blood sugar levels.

The RDA for potassium in healthy adults is between 3,500 and 4,700 mg per day. Other factors, such as lifestyle, can affect the recommended amount; talk to your doctor if you’re concerned about getting enough. But two medium bananas contain about 900 mg of potassium, which is a good start. Other good sources of potassium include white beans, potatoes (white and sweet), beets, spinach, watermelon and tomato sauce.


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